What is Help Legal plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

HELP Legal Plan offers ongoing legal services to clients in Philadelphia, PA. Monthly plans provide access to excellent attorneys on a wide variety of topics. Our plans give clients peace of mind knowing legal help is there and also offsets the high costs of hourly legal help.

What Kind of Firm or Lawyer Will I Have Access To?

HELP Legal Plan screens the firms and attorneys we recommend to clients before you have any contact with them. We make sure they’ve got experience dealing with the legal issues you’re handling so you get the best advice possible.

Will I be Assigned the Same Lawyer Every Time?

While it may seem like getting the same lawyer each time you need help is easier, it’s often best to find a lawyer who specializes in the specific area you need legal help with. That may mean you get the same lawyer several times, but in some cases, your lawyer will change depending on the circumstances.

What’s Covered by My Legal Plan?

Generally, any legal service like getting advice on business practices, HR procedures, legal letters or calls on your behalf, document review, and drafting contracts is covered. The HELP Legal Plan contract includes complete coverage terms along with any exclusions and conditions, so please reference your contract for more information.

What If I Want to Use My Attorney for Something Not Covered by My Plan?

There may be some instances where you need legal services that fall outside your HELP Legal Plan contract. In those cases, your attorney assigned to you will let you know it’s not covered and offer you a typically discounted quote on what you’re looking for.

How Do I Get in Touch with a Lawyer?

It’s an easy process. First, you call HELP Legal Plan to speak with a company representative about your legal issue. We reach out to our network of professionals to find the best, most suitable lawyer possible. Then, they’ll call you and take things from there.

What is the Legal Service Plan?

Legal service plans help offset the high costs of hiring an attorney. Instead of paying a large amount when you need a lawyer, you pay a small amount each month and get on-call access to a lawyer when you need it.

Can I Cancel My Plan?

Yes. You can cancel your legal plan by giving us notice. You can call 888-667-6150 to speak with someone about the cancellation process.

Can I Speak to an Attorney in an Emergency Situation?

Certainly. We know sometimes emergencies happen and you need legal advice fast. Just call 888-667-6150 and we’ll get you assistance 24 hours a day.

How is HELP Legal Plan Able to Offer Plans at Such Low Cost?

Our legal plans work a bit like car insurance plans. With a large customer base, the cost of hiring attorneys is spread out across many people. That way, everyone pays a low monthly cost to avoid dealing with the large hourly billing rate lawyers usually charge. By contributing to the plan, you’re mitigating the risk of future legal costs.